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Dr. Rita Lőrincz

Chief physician, specialist in dental and oral diseases


8360 Keszthely, Erzsébet Királyné útja 14.

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Legmodernebb gépekkel felszerelt, légkondicionált kezelőhelységgel, és kényelmes bútorokkal felszerelt váróval, Keszthely belvárosában állok a páciensek szolgálatára.

We look forward to seeing you!

Caring for our teeth and maintaining their health throughout our lives is essential, as our teeth play a key role in chewing, digestion, speech formation, and our aesthetic appearance as well. Epreserving our health, the prevention of related diseases is therefore an extremely important task in everyone 's life.

Over time, our teeth may become sensitive, discolored, or ill. In such cases, it is worth contacting a specialist in time, so there is a good chance that later, more painful interventions or, in the worst case, loss of teeth can be prevented.

Don't wait for the situation to get worse, leave us the solution.

Once we recognize the problem, we can still deal with it in a timely manner, but the best solution is to attend regularly Every 6 months, but at least once a year,  dental check-ups or dental advice.

Opinions about us

"It wasn't easy when we went to the dentistry. The professionalism we experienced confirmed that we got into good hands. Thank you for the humanity too, I can only recommend it to everyone."

Fábiánné Figder Nikoletta

"Expertise, conscientiousness and kindness characterize the doctor and her assistant as well. They do their best to pour soul into the little-feared patient. 😊 I can only recommend the high-equipped clinic."

Ágnes Csertán Fisherman

"Nice, friendly practice in the center of Keszthely. I don't understand the tools, but the calculus remover is connected to the hot water, so it's not cold shower, it's cold on a cold winter day. If you get an appointment in the south, but curious waiting minutes.ki.

János Majzinger

I am very happy with the doctor and her assistant. The treatments are precise, painless, and have been done with great care on a professional level, not to mention the kind atmosphere and maximum hygiene. He uses the latest technology in his office and can perform all kinds of examinations with great expertise. I can turn to the doctor with any dental problems with confidence. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Klára Csertánné

I can recommend the office and, of course, the Doctor to everyone with a pure heart. I suddenly needed help, the Doctor treated me out of line and with incredible patience and solved my not-so-simple problem. Thanks for that !!! 🙏🏽

Eszter Szontagh

This is where kindness is coupled with professionalism! They provide immediate help to those who have any problems! They do not know the impossible, in which, in addition to their high expertise, a professionally equipped surgery also helps! I heartily recommend it to everyone! 😘

Katalin Gárdos

Nice, precise, fast. Modern, extremely well-equipped clinic, the doctor's expertise is outstanding. I recommend the Doctor to everyone!

Orsolya Nagy

Friendly atmosphere. The doctor's expertise is outstanding and up to date. Accurate and fast !!! Sterile environment. The equipment of the surgery is excellent. I recommend to everyone!

Léránt Kamilla

The doctor's office is modern, clean and equipped with everything. The Doctor is very precise, kind and caring together with the nurse. The next day after a dental implant, he wrote to me to see if everything was okay with me. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Bartova Patrícia

I have been a returning patient for years. Pleasant environment, professional team! The professionalism and kindness of the assistant is very trusting! I recommend Dr. Rita Lőrincz to all those who want to receive quality care in a demanding, orderly environment.

Kata Horváth

Very nice, renovated environment with modern equipment. Precise, thorough, work. What is important to me is a kind, smiling, and thus reassuring welcome. Try to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy from competent hands. What your smile gives back. I strongly recommend the Doctor and her dental office to everyone.

Rita Dely

They conjure a very kind, precise, fast, wonderful smile! They work with the most modern techniques, continuous improvement, development! I warmly recommend it to everyone! 🥰

Márta Horváth

Kind, fast and reliable. I can only recommend it to adults and children alike. The struggling 2-year-old son was taken off his feet in no time. He talked to him about the mouthguard he had made because of the gnashing of teeth, and since then he takes it every night and stays on it until morning. Really Supi or Aunt Doctor. Thank you ❤

Zsu Németh

Best dentist! Professionally, humanly, in every way! I strongly recommend it to everyone! 👏👍😊

Benyi Reni

They are very kind, do a professional job with exactly precision. The doctor’s excellent work is evidenced by the fact that I had no problem with the gold inlays made 13 years ago. I recommend it to everyone with a good heart!

Dr. Ferenc Kovács

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8360 Keszthely, Erzsébet Királyné útja 14.