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Dr. Rita Lőrincz  

specialist in teeth and oral diseases

Welcome to my website!

I am Dr. Rita Lőrincz, dentist.

in 1996 I graduated from SZTE (SZOTE) in Szeged at the FACULTY OF DENTAL SCIENCES, with a summa cum laude rating.

in 1998 In Budapest, I obtained a specialist exam in dental and oral diseases.

In 2016, SZTE - the Szeged University of Science - awarded me the titular title of chief physician.

My dental practice is located in the center of Keszthely, in an easily accessible location. Parking is available nearby. I am at the service of patients with two air-conditioned treatment rooms equipped with the most modern machines and a waiting room.

My patients said so

"We were on vacation in Keszthely when my tooth started to hurt, we soon got an appointment and my problem was solved. They were very kind and helpful."

Andrea Mátészalka

"The doctor treated my son's tooth sensitivity very professionally and painlessly. Thank you"

Áron Nagykanizsa

"The doctor created a beautiful set of teeth from my broken tooth, and it was painless. I am grateful to her.

László Ajka

Kind, fast and reliable. I can only recommend it to both adults and children. He took my 2-year-old son off his feet in seconds. He discussed with her the mouth guard he made, which was needed because of the grinding of his teeth, and since then he wears it every night and stays on until morning. You're really cute, Aunt Doctor. Thank You.

Zsu Németh

They are very kind, do a professional job with exactly precision. The doctor’s excellent work is evidenced by the fact that I had no problem with the gold inlays made 13 years ago. I recommend it to everyone with a good heart!

Dr. Ferenc Kovács

They conjure a very kind, precise, fast, wonderful smile! They work with the most modern techniques, continuous improvement, development! I warmly recommend it to everyone! 🥰

Márta Horváth

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8360 Keszthely, Erzsébet Királyné útja 14.